Absorption and transport in plants

Absorption and transport in plants

Conduct a series of 3 experiments. The first deals with the spontaneous movement of water trough capillary tubes of various diameters. The second deals with the root pressure applied to absorb water and the third looks at the pathway water takes to reach the source (leaf or flower). It is important when looking at the way it moves in a plant. It is also important to know the various ways in the plant substances move, as like with animal tissue, substances vary in the way they move from their point of absorption to where they are used.

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Experiment Materials

The box includes: Experiment booklet; Digital software; 100 ml glass beaker; Capillary tube apparatus; Water soluble dye x 2; Retort stand and rod; Retort clamp with bosshead; Glass tube; Pliers: Small piece of Rubber tubing; Wire; Scalpel; Paraffin in dropper bottle; 250 ml glass beaker (250ml) To be supplied by educator: Water; Potted plant; Permanent marker;

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