Chemical Safety Guideline & Instructions


All chemical safety information is provided in good faith.

SmartLabs will not accept any liability pertaining to the use of its products, as it is up to the end user, “consumer” to determine the correct and safe application of this product. Kindly study this document prior to using these products or alternatively contact us for additional technical advice. Please ensure that all personnel involved in the storing, handling and usage of these chemicals are properly trained and informed with regards to any potential dangers and or hazards pertaining to the products, others, as well as the environment.  Ensure that this document is easily obtainable in the event of an emergency and all chemicals are properly disposed of after usage.

Users of this booklet should consult with the institutions legal counsel or other professional advisors about the applicable laws, safety issues and compliance policies for storing chemical and the methods for using the chemicals in school classrooms or laboratories.

It is advisable for teachers to remove the annexure’s provided at the end of the manual and display it in the classroom or lab where experiments will be performed. This helps any unrelated or new persons/students to have sufficient information on safety symbols and storage patterns for chemicals that will be utilized.


Chemical Safety Manual and MSDS

NB: This document contains all the MSDS sheets for the potentially hazardous chemicals provided, it is of great importance that you refer to these guidelines and procedures for your own safety and that of your peers who will be conducting the experiments!!!

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