Life Sciences Grade 10: Animal Movement

Life Sciences Grade 10: Animal Movement


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Look at a typical “elbow joint” as well as the motion around the joint will in order to observe the importance of ligaments on joints . The “elbow joint” is known as a complex hinge joint, because it allows for flexion and extension of the distal end of the limb . In this experiment it allows for the spreading out of the chicken’s wings, which makes it a prime example of a locomotive joint. This means that a lot of movement is experienced around the joint on a daily bases. It is similar to the elbow joint in humans and other Mammalia.

The skeletal system is important for the foundation of any body as it gives structure and stability to the body. Muscles attach to skeletal system in order to allow the body to move in a uniform and controlled manner. Joints between bones are structured in specialized ways to compensate for the motion that occurs between them.

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