Life Sciences Grade 10: Dissection of the Heart

Life Sciences Grade 10: Dissection of the Heart


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Observe the Anatomy of the heart by dissecting a mammalian heart.

As the heart is dissected certain parts of the heart will be observed.

  • The differences between the 2 atria and ventricles.
  • The blood supply to the heart, the left coronary artery and right coronary artery.
  • The superior and inferior vena cava is the venous supply to the right atrium and the pulmonary trunk supplies the left atrium.
  • The left ventricle supplies the aorta and the right ventricle the pulmonary veins.
  • The septum was is the muscular wall that separates the 2 sides of the heart and prevents oxygenated blood from mixing with deoxygenated blood.
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